The Antidote to Overwhelm

Posted By: Tidy Tapper


We all get stuck sometimes. It happens to me too. My friend and co-host of Life SimplifiedRadio- Ross Goldberg says something, anything can be enough to get you started.For me, something usually involves action.

Here are my 5 Action steps to get past overwhelm:

1. Forgive yourself. When we are stuck we must first remember that part of what makes life grand, is our humanness. To err is human after all. To forgive ourselves? Divine.

2. Make a list. Get the ideas, projects, or tasks out of your head and in front of you onto paper or on a screen, whatever your preference. This takes the pressure off your memory and it gives your brain more room to work.

3. Start small. Something, anything works because forward motion is overcoming inertia. Now that you have a list, take one step. Do something on your list and notice how it feels to take action.

4. Build momentum. Forward motion feels good, no matter how behind we are at the start. With the benefit of endorphin hormones kicking in, it gets easier and easier to do one more thing.

5. Stay focused. With your goal in mind, ask yourself, what is the next step? It may or not be on your list. If it isn’t, then go ahead and add it. There is value in documenting all the steps to success besides the good feeling of checking them off the list. It will save you time in the long run.

These five things are what I use to get going and put overwhelm back on the shelf where it belongs. We all know there is more than one way to do anything. So my question for you today is, “What works for you?” I invite you to share your strategies for success by emailing me a short reply. Thank you!