Create the tidy, organized home you dream of.

Organizing and tidying a whole house is hard! Make it fun - and
create permanent new habits - with the Tidy Tapper Club.

✓   Celebrate Your Wins

✓   Share Your Struggles

✓   Tap for a Better Life

Life is messy! Let’s make the clean up easy. Together.

Peak behind the curtain and see what organizing looks like for someone else. Let discussions of the hurdles others have faced challenge your approach to a problem.

The Tidy Tapper Club is there to support your every unboxing.

What Happens Inside
The Tidy Tapper Club
Every week you can tap into the power of the Club.

  • Make progress with the support of others.
  • Get on the tidy, organized home journey with hundreds of others who are conquering the clutter in their closets, offices, craft rooms & attics.
  • Tap! Learn to tap away your fear of letting go, the habit of putting off the organizing task, and confusion of what to do next.

Feel the difference having help and support of others on the same path makes!

Making lifestyle changes is easier and more fun when we do it together. Join a community of folks just like you who celebrate, tap and take action together.

Living the tidy life becomes a rewarding and satisfying activity with the support and encouragement of friends on the journey with you.


What our members are saying...


“My clutter was a constant source of anxiety weighing on me. I didn’t have the heart or skills to get rid of any of these memories/items. By following the Tidy Tapper 3 step simple system, I was able to organize my home so that now makes a wonderful airbnb.”

Nelly, Airbnb Host


“This program helped me learn how to move through the piles of clutter one step at a time. I now have a system and tools to keep clutter at bay. I love the lightness and calm that comes to me when I go into those ‘cleaned up’ rooms!”

Anne Humble, Health Entrepreneur and Trainer


“I have made such great progress with Bettina’s guidance! Her philosophy is realistic and kind. I’ve learned a simple system so I no longer spend time spinning in circles and I now know what to do when I feel stuck. My house is looking great and I’m really happy!”

Stephanie, From Limerick, ME