Be Organized To Live.
Don’t Live To Be Organized.

Combine a proven mind/body technique with the expert
guidance of a professional home organizer.

✓   Reduce Stress & Overwhelm

✓   Release the Clutter

✓   Relax in a Home You Love

So you have clutter.
You're in good company.

The truth is clutter is so much more than stuff. It is the accumulation of fear, guilt, and overwhelm.

That’s why the Tidy Tapper Method integrates the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, or “tapping”) into our three step home organizing system to help process these emotions as they come up.

What is tapping anyway?

The Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping, was developed by Gary Craig in the early 1990s. It involves tapping acupressure points, primarily on the head and face, which releases neurochemical hormones so you can relax, focus, and make intentional decisions.

Tapping is a game-changer! This kinder approach to tidying up gets you unstuck and taking action. Tapping calms the nervous system so you can make intentional decisions and release your emotional attachment to things.

You don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Professional home organizer, teacher, and EFT Tapping coach, Bettina Blanchard helps people create the space they need to get the most pleasure out of every day. She’s the founder of Bettina & Company, a professional organizing service specializing in helping her clients prepare for moving and stage their homes for sale.

She is a firm believer that “being organized” is not a virtue to attain, but a practice that enables her clients to live a life they love. And while many home organizers engage in “tough love” to move their clients to action, Bettina has found that guiding clients to make stress-free, intentional decisions about their stuff allows for a peaceful transition from cluttered chaos to neat and tidy.

She founded the Tidy Tapper Method to teach a simple technique to eliminate the blocks that keep you holding onto things you do not use alongside a system to help you organize the items you want and need.

Say goodbye to clutter and
hello to peace of mind.

1. Get the Guide

Learn the Tidy Tapper Method to reduce your unused and unloved clutter (and the overwhelm, guilt, and anxiety that goes with it.)

2. Join the Club.

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3. Make your home your happy place.

Put our simple system into action. Let go of the things you don’t use or love. Then relax and enjoy life in your tidy home!

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