Conquer household clutter – without stress.

Learn to make home organizing easy.

✓   Reduce Stress & Overwhelm

✓   Release the Clutter

✓   Relax in a Home You Love

Is too much stuff dragging you down?

Piles and packed closets are overwhelming.

Clutter crowds out the calm.

Are you…

• Afraid to let go of things because you might need them someday?
• Hanging onto unwanted gifts and heirlooms you don’t love?
• Struggling to let go of supplies, equipment, or tools you don’t use?

Take heart. There’s a kind way to approach decluttering.

You can learn to identify the things you don’t use or love. You can learn to make peace by letting go and make space for the things that bring joy.

You can enjoy life in a tidy home. You can love where you live!

Finally, a fresh and lasting approach to easy home organizing.

Clear away the clutter and have peace of mind.

The Easy Home Organizing Course differs from all the rest by including tapping. What is Tapping?

Tapping (aka, Emotional Freedom Techniques) involves lightly tapping acupressure points on the head and face. This calms the nervous system so you can relax, focus, and make intentional decisions.

Other home organization systems fail to address the psychological stressors and emotional attachments we form with our “stuff.”

SOS (Sort, Organize, Simplify) is Bettina Blanchard’s signature home organizing system. When this proven organizing system meets tapping, you experience a kinder approach to tidying up.

The Easy Home Organizing Course: From Clutter to Calm in 3 Steps


will put you back in control.

Reduce Stress & Overwhelm

There’s a pathway forward! Your new personal organizing coach Bettina will guide you through her signature steps of sort, organize simplify. Organize to live your fantastic life!

✓ The program includes 11 short video tutorials to free yourself from clutter.

Release the clutter

As you sort, you’ve got decisions to make. Do I love it, do I need it, do I use it? Not easy! But it’s like Bettina will be right there with you, teaching you a new way of tidying your home.

✓ This program also includes 9 printable worksheets to go along with the video tutorials.

Relax in a home you love

Learn to keep the tidying going with weekly group meetings. Learn to tap away the stress. Be on your way to creating a life free from clutter – for once and for all!

✓ Get one free month of unlimited access to the Tidy Tapper paid community.

Clear the clutter and have peace of mind for just $197!

Hi, I’m Bettina!

I love helping people make the home they live in a home they love to live in. Since 2002. I’ve helped hundreds of people organize their homes with my professional organizing business, Bettina & Company.

When I was introduced to tapping (aka, emotional freedom techniques), I found a tool to calm the anxiety that arises when sorting, organizing, and making decisions about your belongings.

I created the Tidy Tapper system, which blends my proven SOS home organizing method with tapping.

You can enjoy living in a tidy home from this moment on.

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to peace of mind!

1. Start the course.

Learn the Tidy Tapper Method to reduce your unused and unloved clutter (and the overwhelm, guilt, and anxiety that goes with it.)

2. Join the community.

The Tidy Tapper Club is a Zoom gathering for tapping. Learn the mind/body tapping technique to reduce stress as you declutter.

3. Make your home your happy place.

Let go of the things you don’t use or love – without stress. Then relax and enjoy life in your tidy home!

People are talking about the Easy Home Organizing course.

These folks learned to let go of the things that made their homes feel cluttered. And they made space for the things that bring them joy.

“My clutter was a constant source of anxiety weighing on me. I didn’t have the heart or skills to get rid of any of these memories/items. By following the Tidy Tapper 3 step simple system, I was able to organize my home so that now makes a wonderful airbnb.”


“This program helped me learn how to move through the piles of clutter one step at a time. I now have a system and tools to keep clutter at bay. I love the lightness and calm that comes to me when I go into those ‘cleaned up’ rooms!”


“I have made such great progress with Bettina’s guidance! Her philosophy is realistic and kind. I’ve learned a simple system so I no longer spend time spinning in circles and I now know what to do when I feel stuck. My house is looking great and I’m really happy!”


You get all of this in the Easy Home Organizing Course:

Learn the basics of the Tidy Tapper Method with our video guide for just $197!

11 Video Modules

Our short video tutorials clearly guide you through each step of the system. In just ten minutes or less, Bettina provides you with the techniques needed to free yourself from clutter.

Interactive Worksheets

Each lesson comes complete with a printable handout to deepen your Tidy Tapping practice and provide a tangible tool for the future.

Access to Our Club

Get one free month of unlimited access to the Tidy Tapper paid community. With weekly group coaching sessions and access to exclusive content, you’ll be on your way to creating a life free from clutter!

The Tidy Tapper Easy Home Organizing Course.
Make the home you live in, a home you love to live in